What desserts to eat after a good tartiflette?

In winter, we love to share a good tartiflette with family or friends. Comforting and friendly, this dish will sublimate your evenings. Only, after such a hearty meal, we often lack inspiration for dessert. To help you, we offer lighter recipes to end on a nice sweet note!

Potatoes, bacon bits, Reblochon… tartiflette is a unavoidable of our winter evenings. Gourmet as you wish, it is impossible to get tired of this dish! Only after a meal too copiouswe don’t know what to offer our guests for the dessert. We tend to think that a good ice cream is ideal for digesting our entire meal. However, ice cream does not mix well with cheese. Forget the big pastries made with cream or chocolate, that will be for another time ! Focus on desserts instead air, light, but just as delicious. So what desserts to eat after a tartiflette? Fruits, tartlets, mosses, sweets are great alternatives.

We invite you to discover our ideas and our recipes to enjoy your tartiflette evening until dessert!

Bet on fruit

After much of tartiflette, you will appreciate a lighter dessert. The fruits are your best allies to end your meal in style without being disgusted. And in winter, you have plenty to enjoy! Clementines, mandarins, kiwis, pears and apples, you will be able to satisfy your guests. Don’t forget the fruit exotic such as mango, pineapple or banana.

Offer your loved ones a fruit salad for dessert. Cut your fruit into pieces, put them in a salad bowl, add a little cinnamon or sugar and it’s ready to be served! On the presentation side, bet on pretty crockery, all you have to do is take out your favorite bowls and voila ! You can also put your fruits on wooden skewers to make skewersperfect when you receive!

To help you in your composition of fruit salad, we invite you to discover 3 great recipes !

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Get into foams

Mousses are also perfect for rounding off a hearty meal. Air and delicate, this dessert will pass by itself! We are used to tasting it at chocolate, only after a tartiflette it is not necessarily this one that we recommend, even if we like it a lot! Instead, prefer a less substantial recipe. Opt for a foam lemon or even at the apple. Easy and quick to prepare, you will make theunanimity by offering this sweetness to your guests.

To become a pro of this dessert, we offer you 3 recipes easy to do and greedy ! You will not be disappointed.

Opt for sweets

We always have room for a little one sweet bite ! Instead of preparing your favorite dessert in large quantities, favor the mini sizes. After one tartiflette, some of your guests will not want desserts, but others will. The sweets are therefore a good understanding and also avoid waste. Tartlets, chocolate truffles, mini apple cakes… Do as you wish and adapt according to the tastes of your guests.

To give you ideas for homemade treats, we offer 2 delicious recipes.

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