The NUTELLA® cheesecake recipe

Marine Guerna (aka mama’s_pastries) gives us his chocolate secrets in his book Mama’s pastries. For an ultra-breakgreedy well deserved, we try his cheesecake recipe with NUTELLA®. Mmm!

Ingredients to shop:

For the reconstituted biscuit:

  • 200g of Petit Lu cookies®
  • 70g of melted butter

For the cheesecake maker:

  • 300g of Philadelphia®-style fresh cheese
  • 300g of NUTELLA®

For garnish :

  • 200g of crushed hazelnuts
  • Ingredients

Material: 1 pastry circle 18-20cm

Mix biscuits to obtain a powder. Mix the biscuit powder with the melted butter so that everything is completely homogeneous. put the preparation at the bottom of a circle 20 cm in diameter (previously lined with a strip of Rhodoïd® and placed on a presentation dish). With a spoon, distribute the reconstituted biscuit in order to obtain a bottom of the same thickness everywhere. Tap lightly with the spoon so that everything is well welded. Reservez in the fridge.

Beat Philadelphia® until it takes on a creamy consistency. Heat very slightly the NUTELLA® in the microwave to soften it (it should be almost liquid). Incorporate-the cream of Philadelphia®. Pour the preparation over the biscuit and sprinkle crushed hazelnuts.

let take at least 4 hours in the fridge or 2 hours in the freezer.

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