if you bought these falafels, be careful!

There is nothing better to bring us a little comfort in this winter period than to bet, among other things, on Lebanese cuisine. She has some must-haves like the falafels.

But be careful if you recently bought some since a brand has been recalled. In effect, the latter could be dangerous for the health of certain consumershere’s why.

Falafels have just been recalled for health reasons in particular suspicion of the presence of undeclared allergenic substances.

In effect, the Conso Reminder website highlights a defect concerning a “erroneous labeling on part of the batch: the label on the back of the product does not correspond to the recipe, and therefore does not mention the correct list of ingredients, including 2 allergenic ingredients (soya and wheat)”.

Falafels with reference “SOY Organic Vegan Falafel” were therefore recalled. This is a branded product SOYdistributed throughout France by the following brands: BIOCOOP BIODIS HALLE BIO D’OCCITANIE ORGANIC COUNTERS NATURALIA NATURDIS PROVINCES ORGANIC RELAIS GREEN VITAFRAIS.

The references of the product concerned are as follows: GTIN 3259011169436 with a minimum durability date of 03/28/2023 and a batch number which is: 03/28/23.

The Rappel Conso site indicates that this product recall concerns only consumers allergic to soy and/or wheat/gluten.

If you bought these falafels, it is therefore important tostop using them.

On the practical side, it is best to go to their point of sale and return them in order to benefit from a refund. Friday, February 17, 2023.

If many product recalls have been recorded lately, remember that this is necessary to avoid any risk to consumer health. Moreover, we explain in an article how product recalls work.

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