Avatar 2 is still not profitable despite the billion dollars in revenue

Despite its strong worldwide box office receipts, “Avatar: The Waterway” has yet to meet its profitability targets.

Planning the release of “Avatar: The Way of the Water” as the end of the year celebrations approached, therefore school holidays, was a real masterstroke on the part of Disney! The studios have also been able to see that, despite the years that separate it from the first part, the interest of the public remains intact. Indeed, less than 2 weeks after its release, the film has already reached $1 billion in worldwide box office receiptsthus surpassing “Jurassic World: The World After” and approaching “Top Gun: Maverick” which, with nearly 1.4 billion, remains the highest-grossing feature film of 2022.

If in France, nearly 5 million viewers went to the dark rooms to see Avatar 2, james cameron clarified, however, that the film was not yet profitable. Asked by QGthe director explained that with such a budget, “Avatar: The Way of the Water” would have to exceed $2 billion in revenue to be lucrative. Which would undoubtedly have been possible if the USA were not currently crossed by an icy storm and if China did not experience a resurgence of the Covid epidemic.

It should be noted that profitability is the condition sine qua non to launch the production of the 4th and 5th parts of the “Avatar” saga, the 3rd being already in the box.

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