3 original pancakes that change for Candlemas

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Are you looking for an original crepe recipe for Candlemas? Exit the buckwheat galette and the wheat flour pancakes. We give you here 3 gourmet ideas to vary the pleasures and delight the whole family.

Tired of pancakes with sugar, spread, and even a savory version with cheese and ham? And if it was the occasion to vary the pleasures and to discover new pancake recipes for Candlemas ? We leave aside the buckwheat pancakes as well as the wheat pancakes that can already be enjoyed throughout the year. Cape this time on gourmet, original recipes that come to us from different parts of the globe. On the menu : a thousand hole crepe, a mahjouba crepe or a xeo bath crepe. Enough to travel on the plate without even moving from your kitchen. This year, February 2 will be an opportunity to shake up your habits

The baghrir pancake or a thousand holes

The thousand-hole crepe, also known as baghrir, is a crepe native to North Africa. She is also called Moroccan crepe or Algerian crepe by these two countries which claim the paternity of the recipe. Recognizable by its small holes that form naturally during cooking (hence its name “millie trou crepe”), it is particularly appreciated at breakfast, at snack time but also during the Eid holidays and the Ramadan period. It consists of fine semolinaflour, baking powder and salt

You can choose to taste them plain, or with the topping of your choice. In the Maghreb countries, it is not uncommon to taste them with melted butter and honey or accompanied by a dash of orange blossom syrup and cinnamon.

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Mahjouba pancake

The mahjouba pancake, or mhajeb, is a savory and stuffed crepe that is eaten hotespecially to keep warm in winter. From Algeria, it consists of flour, fine semolina, water and salt. Traditionally, it is prepared with a delicious garnish made from onion, tomato, spices, chilli or harissa. But it can also be prepared with potatoes, meat or other vegetables. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures and adapt the recipe according to your tastes.

Banh xeo crepe

The banh xeo crepe is a stuffed and crispy pancake from Vietnam. She calls her name ” banh which means cake and xeo which translates to sizzle. The latter refers in particular to the sound produced during the cooking of this pancake. His particuliarity ? Its beautiful yellow color obtained thanks to the addition of turmeric in the pancake batter prepared with rice flour, coconut milk and water. It is then traditionally garnished with a generous stuffing made from pork or shrimp and soy. This recipe can be offered as an appetizer or main course and accompanied by salad leaves.

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