Poggi: traditional flavors served in an unstructured way

This week, we tested a new address that has just opened in the 13th arrondissement. Restaurant ” Poggi has conquered our bellies and our hearts: we tell you more about its “cups” which play with traditional French flavors…

Installed for less than a month rue Charles Moureu, Restaurant ” Poggi » offers original recipes based on traditional French ingredients, invented by chef Sébastien: destructured dishes that are reversed in their composition, served in a “cup”. The major element is notably the mousse which replaces the traditional sauce and which makes all the originality of the recipe! Served in cups, the dishes are cooked with fresh, seasonal produce. Budget level, it is necessary to count between €7.50 and €13 for a Poggi.

Our favorite ? The Poggi Classic! Composed of parmesan crumble, smoked bacon, onions, potatoes and of course mousse, no need to say more… We advise you to try it! The Poggi Cups are also available in sweet versions, for dessert, you can choose: a tiramisu, or, for a tangier side, a lemony Poggi.

Poggi Classic © Vivre Paris

For the record, the idea germinated in the kitchens of the restaurant ” The Tribute“, located a few streets away. While Sébastien was working in the modern gourmet restaurant of his friend, Jonathan Lor, he then had the idea of ​​adding a street food-style quick dish to the menu. It is then that the dish served in cups was born, to which Sébastien gave his name “Poggi”. After a great success met by this new recipe, Sébastien has decided to open his own restaurant by offering his flagship dish in five savory and two sweet recipes!

poggi restaurant
Sébastien Poggi © Vivre Paris

The quick dish can be eaten on site or to take away… And we can’t tell you about the restaurant without mentioning its atypical decor that makes us want to stay ! The walls in pop colors catch our eye from the outside. In the room, everything is colorful, from pink tables to electric blue foam chairs, it’s impossible not to try them!

Dining room of the Poggi restaurant © Vivre Paris

One thing is certain, you won’t find the taste of Poggi’s tasty cups anywhere else, we recommend this new address!

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4 Rue Charles Moureu
75013 Paris

Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Dishes between 7€ and 13€

Photo of one: Poggi Cup © Poggi


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