Paul Forman, the new Franco-English Apollo of Emily in Paris

The actor and model will officiate in season 3 of the show signed Darren Star, in the guise of the rich heir Nicolas de Leon. Portrait of the new Franco-English recruit of the series stamped Netflix.

He could well steal the show from Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) and Lucien Laviscount (Alfie). Paul Forman will indeed star in season 3 ofEmily in Paris , available on Netflix on Wednesday, December 21. This 28-year-old Franco-Englishman, born to a Parisian mother and an English father, plays Nicolas de Leon, the rich heir to the powerful family agency JVMA. If he appears for the least sure of himself, the character actually seeks to prove that he is not only “a baby of nepotism”, subjected to the constant pressure of his ancestors. A meeting that could well delight Emily Cooper.

From Sunset Boulevard to the Palais de Tokyo

Especially since the actor, also a model – he has worked for Clarins, Schwarzkopf or even Cartier – knows how to highlight his assets. On his Instagram account with 80,000 subscribers, Paul Forman strikes a pose, all abs and muscular arms outside, during his vacation in Tulum and Bali, or even on the cover of The Official. In his short biography on Instagram he describes himself as “the most French English man ever”, in reference to his dual family culture.

On the social network, he also publishes photographs of the streets of Los Angeles, his Nutella-banana sandwiches, his meeting with Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc, or his dinner at the Palais de Tokyo with Ashley Park (Mindy Chen) , which he became close to. It is also in the south of France that he recharges his batteries by playing the guitar and the ukulele, during the summer, when he is not abroad.

A strong friendship

The young man, not very active on Twitter, also proclaims his love for the film. Dying can wait (2021), when he does not retweet a tribute to Prince Philip, who died in April 2021. His social networks are also teeming with images of his outings alongside the cast ofEmily in Paris, with whom he befriended. And this, despite his initial apprehension.

“It can sometimes be difficult to be the new one in a show whose success is already established, but this small family welcomed me with open arms, he confided to Cosmopolitan UK. I made some friendships that I will keep for life and enjoyed every second!” Witness the comic poses of the actor with Lucien Laviscount, or his mirror selfie with Ashley Park and Camille Razat.

“I thought I didn’t get the role”

Now dubbed by the show team, the Franco-Englishman, delighted to have landed the role of Nicolas de Leon – his mother, a Parisian, is just as “happy to see her son play a French character in his city” – thought yet missed this opportunity.

“We (with Darren Star, the creator of the show, editor’s note) had a very friendly chat about life, the show and everything, and then it was radio silence!” explained Paul Forman. “I sincerely believed that I had not landed the role. Then, later that night, I got a call from my agent, out of nowhere, telling me I got it. I started filming two days later.

A real consecration for this former drama student in London, holder of a math degree. However, this is not the twenty-something’s first on-screen experience. He thus officiated in The Spanish Princess (2019), where he plays François 1er, or in Nevrland (2019) and the series Frank of Ireland (2021). And the young man is not the only new recruit of this third season ofEmily in Pariss. Melia Kreiling (The Last Tycoon) appears there in the guise of Sofia Sideris, a Greek artist who is presenting an exhibition in Camille’s gallery.

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