Lyon seniors receive fake fat for a Christmas full of compassion – News

Three weeks before Christmas, PETA took part in the “Winter celebration for seniors” at the town hall of 8th, so that participants receive 350 jars of Veg-gras, a delicious 100% vegetable alternative to foie gras. The opportunity to discover a vegan version for the holidays, which does not involve the cruel force-feeding, the slaughter or the risk of avian flu linked to the production of foie gras.

Grateful recipients posed in front of charity signs reading “Happy Holidays in Compassion for All with Fake Fat!” and “For a Merry Christmas for all, let’s choose faux gras, not foie gras.” »

Animals also deserve a compassionate Christmas

This solidarity and festive distribution makes it possible to extend the compassion of Christmas to animals through vegan products, and to remind people how easy it is to celebrate the end of the year holidays without participating in animal exploitation. Plant-based salmon, nut-based roasts, fake fats, vromages, yule log and other plant-based milk desserts… there’s no shortage of options for vegan holiday dishes. It is simple today to favor these ethical, ecological and healthier options for Christmas, and beyond.

Force-feeding is not festive

The production of foie gras involves force-feeding geese and ducks during the last weeks of their life, by pushing long metal tubes down their throats in order to pour a huge quantity of grain directly into their stomachs. Their livers become diseased – it’s called fatty liver disease – and swell up to 10 times their normal size, compressing their other organs, including their lungs. Some are so sick they can’t stand, but they are caught and force-fed anyway.

In recent years, repeated episodes of avian flu have struck France, and hundreds of thousands of birds have been slaughtered since this summer. The production of foie gras is no longer sustainable or profitable for French farmers, and it is high time to adapt accordingly and switch to plant-based alternatives.

Solidarity celebrations for all

Celebrating with compassion starts on the plate. Our recipe guides for vegan parties will help you take the plunge:

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