For Anne, being a home helper gives “meaning to life” – Plozévet

Christiane Bosser will soon be 88 years old. She lives alone in complete autonomy at her home in Plozévet. “I want to grow old here, in my house, facing the Bay of Audierne,” she claims. If Christiane does her shopping alone in the town and goes to the Art and Leisure club every Thursday, some daily tasks, such as changing the sheets on her bed, have become more difficult. This is why the retiree called on the ADMR du Haut Pays Bigouden, which offered her an individualized project.

To feel useful to others

Anne Echevarne-Gadonna is her home help. A job she chose out of a taste for human relations and the need to feel useful to others, especially to the elderly: “They bring me so many things! “. Since July 2021, she has been working for one hour every Tuesday, at Christiane’s. “I come to clean the house, but it goes much further, we chat, we talk about our books, the children, the cooking recipes.” “This benevolent presence sheds light on our old age! recognizes Christiane.

A tailor-made relationship

A tailor-made relationship is created each time with the person. Because, in addition to the cleaning aspect, home helpers ensure the well-being of the people they follow, identify small failures to prevent any disruption of course. “We are more vulnerable when we get older, so we need a relationship of trust,” points out the octogenarian.


The ADMR of the Haut Pays bigouden is recruiting. Contact: 6 bis, rue Ar Mor, in Landudec, tel. 02 98 91 59 94; email.

in complement

The ADMR of Haut Pays bigouden in a few figures

The head office of the ADMR du Haut Pays bigouden is located in Landudec. Its territory of intervention includes Guiler-sur-Goyen, Landudec, Peumerit, Plogastel-Saint-Germain, Plovan, Plozévet, Pouldreuzic and Tréogat. Currently, 40 home helpers, including two men, regularly intervene each year in the homes of nearly 200 to 300 families on average, the vast majority of whom are elderly people.

If the ADMR has its administrative staff, its specificity is its management by a team of very committed volunteers. The association has thus increased the salaries of its home helpers and regularly offers them training. Currently, one of these training courses around sophrology is being held to teach helpers to distance themselves from events.

The ADMR, associated with the Ulamir social center of Goyen, also offers senior people helped highlights, in March there will be a workshop around the kouigns des Gras.

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