Over the centuries, pancakes have been an important part of Candlemas. This holiday is celebrated every year on February 2, and is an opportunity to prepare delicious pancakes.

Whether you prefer sweet or savory pancakes, here we present 5 pancake cake ideas to celebrate this event.

Lemon pancake cake

Lemon pancake cake

The lemon pancake cake is a very easy recipe to make and is perfect for Candlemas.

Prepare a dozen or even twenty pancakes in advance and let them cool before you start preparing your cake.

For the ganache, mix sugar, lemon zest and fresh cream. Before serving, dust the top with icing sugar and add a few slices of lemon to decorate.

Chocolate crepe cake

Chocolate pancake cake
Chocolate pancake cake

Chocolate pancake cake is another delicious option for Candlemas. Proceed in the same way as for the lemon pancake cake.

For the ganache, melt dark chocolate and mix it with fresh cream and/or custard.

Once the preparation is homogeneous, garnish each pancake with this chocolate filling and pour ganache over the cake.

You can then sprinkle the top with cocoa powder, chocolate chips, hazelnuts or white chocolate shavings.

Tiramisu Pancake Cake

Tiramisu pancake cake
Tiramisu pancake cake

Tiramisu crepe cake is a very tasty and easy to prepare recipe. For the ganache, mix mascarpone with sugar, coffee and rum (optional).

Once your mixture is homogeneous, spread it on each pancake and assemble them to form the cake. Before serving, sprinkle the top with cocoa powder and decorate with chocolate pieces.

Strawberry pancake cake

strawberry crepe cake
Strawberry crepe cake

Strawberry pancake cake is a perfect recipe for Candlemas. This cake is made up of pancakes with strawberry filling covered with a delicious strawberry ganache. It is the ideal blend of sweet flavors and delicious textures.

If you want to change habits and diversify tastes, it is possible to replace strawberries with another type of fruit. Raspberries or even a mix of red fruits can be excellent.

You must first put the fruit in a blender then pass the mixture through a strainer to remove the seeds.

Rainbow pancake cake

Rainbow crepe cake
rainbow crepe cake

To create multicolored pancakes, start by preparing a basic pancake batter. Let the pancake batter rest for about half an hour.

Then divide the dough into 6 bowls (about 33 cl per bowl). Create the colorful pancakes by adding a little food coloring to each bowl.

Other Classic Pancake Recipes

In addition to the pancake cakes mentioned above, you can also prepare classic pancakes to celebrate Candlemas.

You can make a simple pancake recipe and spread the filling on it. If you are a little more greedy, find a fluffy pancake recipe for the whole family.

If you are vegan, there are pancake recipes without milk or egg that you will enjoy!

You can also add other ingredients to vary the taste, such as sugar, salt or spices. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can also make pancakes without eggs or milk.

Origin of Candlemas

Candlemas is a Christian holiday that takes place on February 2 every year. It marks the beginning of Lent, but it is also associated with the celebration of the purification of the Virgin and the presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

According to Christian tradition, the pancakes or pancake cakes that are prepared to celebrate Candlemas symbolize light and wealth.

You can even have fun doing the knowledge quiz on Candlemas! Be careful, if you don’t get 10/10 on the test, you may not have pancakes for Candlemas!

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