With this easy halloumi recipe, you won’t be able to do without this cheese!

Lately, a cheese has aroused interest: the halloumi. Indeed, if Gruyère or mozzarella are now part of the staple diet of the French, a new cheese is overshadowing them.

It is the halloumi which is a typical product of Cyprus prepared from goat’s or sheep’s milk. His particuliarity ? It does not melt when heated unlike many cheeses. Its secret lies in its manufacture. If it doesn’t melt, it’s because it was heated before being pressed into its final form. Thus, cooking makes it more elastic. This is why this cheese is perfect for recipes based on frying, lightly grilled or barbecued.. Be careful though, halloumi has a pronounced salty taste. It is recommended to prepare it with honey to temper this taste.

Today, we therefore offer you the perfect recipe for halloumi skewers fried obviously composed of honey and chilli. A preparation by Diego Alary which is definitely likely to convince you to cook this cheese from Cyprus more often. Go to the stove!

If you are out of inspiration for your next meals, we may have found the recipe that will give your plates a boost: halloumi skewers. Accompanied by a salad of baby spinach and a few pieces of sweet potatoes, you will quickly become addicted to this preparation.

We reveal to you today how to make this recipe, discovered on the TikTok, of the former candidate of Top Chef, Diego Alary.

For the ingredients, you will need : 1 block of halloumi / two teaspoons of dried pepper / a glass of olive oil / 1 tsp of honey / a pinch of oregano / the juice of half a lemon / 2 sheets of brick pastry / oil olive

preparation side, start by cutting your block of halloumi into several elongated rectangles. Then marinate them. For this, take a container and pour in two teaspoons of mixture of small dried peppers, a glass of olive oil and a good spoonful of honey, oregano and lemon juice. Pour everything into a plate and dip your slices of halloumi in to marinate them for 30 minutes. Then, place your halloumi pieces on brick sheets. Roll them up and add a skewer to turn them into skewers. Then fry them in a hot pan with olive oil for about two minutes on each side.

You can add the chilli marinade as it cooks as well as sesame seeds and coriander to finish. It’s ready !

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And to learn even more about this cheese, we explain how to properly prepare halloumi, this food praised by influencers.

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