The madeleines of the best worker in France

When craftsmanship meets art, it gives the highly inspired recipes ofArnaud Larherelected Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007. His book Pastry shop (kitchen hatchet) contains a signed preface Pierre Hermébut especially this recipe of buckwheat madeleines for which we completely fell in love.

Ingredients to shop

  • 180g ofeggs
  • 180g of caster sugar
  • 16g of chestnut honey
  • 82g of flour T55 + 10 g for the mussels
  • 80g of Buckwheat flour
  • 10g of baking powder
  • 120g of Soft butter + 20 g for the mussels
  • digital thermometer
  • Whisk
  • Robot + whisk
  • Maryse
  • Pocket + plain nozzle n° 10
  • Madeleine molds

The day before, in a saucepan, heat at 40°C the eggs, sugar and honey while mixing with a whisk.

Get rid in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a whisk.

Mix in 2nd speed until a ribbon texture is obtained.

Remove the robot tank. Let cool.

In the bowl, add the flours and baking powder, mixing with a spatula from the center to the edges.

In a pot, melt over low heat the butter cut into pieces.

Pour in the bowl the melted butter at 60°C. Mix good. Book at temperature

room temperature, covered, for 1 hour.

Using a spatula, fold down the dough so that it does not rise. Film in contact.

Book in the fridge for 24 hours.

Butter and flour molds.

Using a pocket fitted with a #10 plain tip, fill the mussels (22 g per mussel). Bake immediately at 170°C for 11 minutes.

Note: you can garnish the madeleines with a Orange marmalade or jam Cassis to blackcurrant pepper.

© Emanuela Cino

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