February festivities

After Epiphany and the Chinese New Year, February welcomes its share of festivities. Start of the month with a bang with Candlemas, February 2, which celebrates the return of light, the days that are beginning to lengthen, and prosperity for the year to come. A gourmet feast that delights young and old around buckwheat pancakes, or a pile of addictive pancakes. Chocolate, whipped cream, jam, chestnut cream, fruit compote, whatever the product, as long as you have the greed! Also, wheat flour is not the only option when tackling the “pancake” monument, other flours like gluten-free flours can bring another flavor to the divine golden circles. Chestnut flour ; quinoa ; almond ; millet; lentils; Chickpeas ; or rice, are just some of the proposals that exist. With their neutral or more assertive flavour, these allow us to reinvent these classics.

Another key holiday of the month: Valentine’s Day, to be celebrated on February 14. Feast of lovers, love, and those we love, Valentine’s Day is above all an opportunity to put romance on the menu. Well laid table; fresh flowers; house cocktail; aphrodisiac foods; and intensely chocolate dessert, are traditionally the ingredients of a menu that hits the mark with your loved one.

But Valentine’s Day is not the last holiday of the month, we continue on February 21 with everyone’s favorite holiday: Mardi Gras. A day of excess before traditionally continuing with Lent, 40 days young before Easter, in the Christian religion. A celebration associated with donuts from our regions of all kinds: marvels; Bugnes ; Headsets ; Bottereaux ; Pets Of Nun ; and many others, delight young and old, in disguise of course!

Seasonal products

Unsurprisingly, this month, we put winter products in the spotlight in dishes and desserts that are as comforting as they are gourmet. Carrots; cabbage ; gourds; mushrooms ; spinach ; leeks; parsnip; endives, and many others take place in our basket. We do not forget the onion which is easily transformed into onion soup, a traditional dish, rustic, and above all economical. Indeed, the onion does not need another star to share the poster. He knows how to shine and dazzle his audience, with ease. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are also perfect flavors in February. Between raclette and tartiflette, mountain dishes give pride of place to divine potatoes, accompanied by local cheeses. Raclette cheese ; reblochon; cancoillotte; but also Morbier; county; gruyere cheese; Vacherin, we don’t forget any. Why ? Simply because they are all good.

Winter dishes in majesty

Gratins, winter shepherd’s pie, winter pizzas and quiches, all-in-one dishes are the perfect option this season. Simply slipped into the oven, or left to simmer on the fire for long hours, they diffuse divine scents throughout their cooking that perfume the whole household. Simple dishes that have seduced generations of gourmets without losing their superbness thanks to their simplicity of execution, their low cost, and their many variations. Among the latter, winter soups remain a staple of the season which, in their complete version, guarantee the right supply of proteins, fibres, vitamins and trace elements, essential when it is cold.

For those that the cold and low light invite to winter under the duvet, rest assured, there are only 20 days left to wait between the end of the month and spring. And with these 30 recipes, I promise, the month of February will go smoothly.

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