These desserts to make at home for the Chinese New Year!

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January 22, 2023 marks the Lunar New Year. So to mark the occasion and start this new year off right, nothing better than some Chinese sweets that you can make at home.

The Chinese New Year is approaching! The opportunity to open up to Chinese culture and try new recipes. Whether you choose to celebrate it with family or friends, make them salivate over a meal worthy of this new year! You may have already planned the menu for this occasion, but what about the dessert? So many choices are available to us, between coconut pearls, Chinese puddings and other delicacies… We give you our selection of our best discoveries on these Chinese desserts and of course their recipes!

nian gao

Try this sweet rice cake for the Lunar New Year. It has a soft and pleasant texture on the palate and its spices give character to this dessert while the brown sugar brings a little sweetness.
This cake is eaten especially for the New Year! It is prepared with the family or bought to be then offered to the rest of the family or to friends. Its name coming close to the word meaning “great year”, it promises prosperity and progress for the year to come.

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Brioche Bao

For a change from the usual buns, try the Chinese buns. They are prepared with steam, which gives them a particularly soft texture. They are soft and slightly elastic, and their fillings can be adapted according to taste: brown sugar, red bean paste, chocolate, etc. Baos can also be available in sweet or savory versions.

Eight delights cake

The cake with eight delights is a cake with strong connotations. It is eaten for all important occasions, be it the New Year, a birthday or a wedding. His symbol is very strong. According to legend, it brings harmony, prosperity, purity, encouragement, elegance and fertility to whoever consumes it. This fruity dessert is ideal after a light meal and there is no better cake to start the year.

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Almond cookies

Chinese Almond Cookie looks as good as it tastes. Soft, round and golden, it catches the eye with its small whole almond placed on top. It is excellent after meals because it does not weigh on the stomach! Accompanied by a tea, its sweet/salty taste will awaken your taste buds. They are very easy to make and will probably remind you of Breton biscuits.

The secrets of Chinese cuisine are yours!

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