the easy recipe for making homemade mustard

Sandrine Duport manages the YouTube channel Meals and vegetable garden home-made. Long before the mustard shortage, she had made a video revealing her recipe for cooking this precious yellow condiment. She explains it in Here we are!

The main ingredient of the recipe is none other than mustard seedsyou need at least 200 grams to make “a pretty jar that will last us two or three months without worries”, comments Sandrine Duport in Here we are! You can favor yellow mustard seeds because the black ones are “more bitter, more pungent”.

You will also need 150 ml cider vinegar and 150 ml water, a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of pink berries. Mix your mustard seeds in a jar with the cider vinegar and water. Close the jar and let it ferment for a week. Once the seeds have swelled, the jar is opened and the turmeric, pink peppercorns and salt are added.

Mix the preparation with blender, you can add water to thin the mixture a bit. And there, we will have a mustard with the aspect of Dijon mustard. If we want to make an old-fashioned mustard, we will rather use an immersion blender which will not crush all the seeds and leave some of them whole”, specifies Sandrine Duport. Then close your jar, wait at least 4 days before consuming your mustard. Once opened, it can be kept “for months in the refrigerator”.

homemade ketchup recipe

We will take three kilos of tomatoes, half in onions. Fry everything in a casserole dish for about 30 minutes without oil. Once the vegetables have melted, pass them through the mill to obtain a very thick coulis. You get about 3 liters of juice. Add 300 grams of brown sugar, a teaspoon of four spice mix20 centiliters of balsamic vinegar, 20 centiliters of six-degree alcohol vinegar, salt and pepper.

Done simmersr for 1 hour for the sauce to thicken and reduce a little. Once it’s over, putz your ketchup in a bottle to the top. You have to put it boiling in your container like a jam. “Once it is cold you can taste it and keep it for more than a year”, explains Sandrine Duport.

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