Laurent Mariotte shares his super easy recipe with fish for less than €2 per person!

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In this month of the new school year, we want something new! We are tired of eating the same thing all the time. To change from our daily dishes, Laurent Mariotte reveals his simple and above all inexpensive recipe to treat yourself with fish: roasted saithe tail.

We often think that we have to spend hours in the kitchen and spend a lot of money to prepare fish. However, this is not always the case! Laurent Mariotte proved to us that it is possible to regale at lower cost. In his show Small dishes in balancethe food columnist unveiled a recipe that is both simple and delicious: roasted saithe tail.
What is special about this recipe? It allows you to have a beautiful fish platewith some vegetables of season as the horned pepper or even thesweet onionto less than 2 euros through no one.

So don’t wait any longer, this dish is perfect to delight your whole family!

The recipe for roasted saithe tail by Laurent Mariotte

Video by Matilda Campos

Preparation : 20 minutes
Cooking : 13 minutes
Rest time : 13 minutes

Ingredients :
For 6 persons

  • 1 tail of coalfish of 1kg
  • 4 horned green peppers or 3 classic green peppers
  • 2 sweet onions
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 5 cl of white alcohol vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Fine gray salt, ground pepper

The preparation :

First, preheat your oven to 180°C.
Scale, rinse and pat dry the coalfish tail.
Salt and pepper all over the surface and place the fish in the gratin dish.
Once this step is done, wash and remove the stalk from the horned peppers. Slice them into thin slices. Peel and chop the onions.
Combine everything in a salad bowl, season and stir together. Pour into the gratin dish around the tail of saithe. Drizzle with a good drizzle of olive oil.
Put in the oven for 13 minutes.
Meanwhile, peel and mince the garlic and brown it in a pan with olive oil. Deglaze with the white alcohol vinegar.

🧑‍🍳 Advice from Laurent Mariotte: to have tender fish, turn off your oven and let your saithe tail continue to cook for 13 minutes.

When it comes out of the oven, baste the coalfish tail with the garlic-vinegar preparation.

That’s it, it’s ready! To your aprons, let’s go!

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