Cyril Lignac’s advice for making bugnes for Mardi Gras

Mardi gras is the feast of delicacies. A day a little greasy, where we make dpancakes, waffles, or bugnes. La Chandeleur is pancakes, Mardi Gras so we can put on a round of pancakes, but today we’re going to make bugnes. The story of bugnes is quite funny. Bugnes are thought to be French while Italians really appropriate the origin of bugnes in ancient Romethey made these bugnes and said it was their specialty.

Mix 250 grams of flour, with 30 grams of sugar, a pinch of salt, and 10 grams of baker’s yeast. It’s necessary always protect the yeast from saltbecause she doesn’t like salt. Add 3 eggs and a good teaspoon of orange blossom. We mix, we knead the dough, it gives a bit of a brioche dough.

When it is well mixed we add 165 grams of butter, which we took out of the fridge, cut into small dice. We knead, and we let it grow, about an hour. It is then degassed, it is put in the fridge for two hours. Then we spread it with the roller. Bake at 170 degrees. Then we roll the bugnes in the sugar or add a zest of fresh lemon. This gives a little aroma with orange blossom.

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