Chinese New Year: quick and easy menu

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The Chinese New Year is the first day of the lunar calendar in China. This year, the big festivities will begin on February 1, 2022 under the sign of the Water Tiger.

This festival is the most important of the Chinese tradition and when we think about it we immediately imagine a large number of technical and long dishes to make and this can be discouraging. Good news, we share with you a menu of quick and simple traditional Chinese dishes! You will finally be able to make the essential Chinese dumplings without drowning in stains or even sesame donuts for dessert (yes, no Chinese New Year without frying). These simple and quick dishes are made for you, treat yourself and impress your guests!

The essentials on the table

To celebrate the Chinese New Year placed under the sign of the Water Tiger, there are essentials to have on your table! First of all the famous Chinese dumplings. While they’re steaming, start preparing your main dish: beef with onions. 1/2 hour of rest in its marinade is necessary for it to soak up all the flavors and soften. After marinating it will be cooked in just 5 minutes, slightly caramelized and delicious served with rice. During the resting time of the meat, take the opportunity to prepare your sesame donuts.
You will optimize your time with this simple and quick menu to make. Happy New Year of the Tiger and good tasting!

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Soft and creamy, these Chinese dumplings are a feast for the taste buds!

Main course
Beef with onions is a simple dish to make and very tasty. When cooked, the beef will be coated in a slightly caramelized sauce, a real delight. Tip: Serve with basmati rice.

Sesame donuts are the ideal delicacy to end your menu.

Other simple and gourmet ideas for the Chinese New Year:

The secrets of Chinese cuisine are yours!

Discover the wise advice of the fascinating Handa who teaches you how to cook Chinese during a very complete masterclass. Ingredients and essential utensils, tips, advice and detailed recipes in video will allow you to quickly acquire the basics of this very fragrant cuisine and to apply them easily on a daily basis. To offer or to offer yourself absolutely!

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