An easy winter menu to serve you

Simple but effective and balanced recipes

Because we are not all Cyril Lignac or Hélène Darroze behind the stove; because we don’t have time; because we’re tired… In the kitchen, there are a thousand good reasons to keep it simple. The key is to have enough nutrients on the plate so that the menu is balanced.
As a starter, you can for example bet on a salad or a soup, which will count as a portion of vegetables. Starting the meal with sources of fiber is also better for digestion. Be careful, since we are talking about vegetables, we think about buying seasonal products. In winter, we therefore want to see leeks, carrots, squash and cabbage on the menu.
For the dish, you will need at least one source of protein and one starch. It can be a fillet of fish, a steak or a hard-boiled egg, accompanied by rice, pasta, potatoes, it’s up to you.
Finally, we obviously think of dessert to end your meal on a gourmet note. In the category of easy desserts, we bet on cakes that are very simple to make with flour, sugar, eggs and butter. Depending on the season, we add fruits, nuts, spices… Easy, isn’t it?

Your easy winter menu

We were talking about seasonal salads, that’s good because the starter will be a cauliflower salad with apple. The marriage of the two works wonderfully since the sugar in the fruit helps to reduce the strong flavor of the cauliflower.
For the recipe, nothing complicated. Roast the cauliflower florets in the oven, cut the apples into quarters, mix everything together and serve with a vinaigrette.
If you are short on time, we advise you to skip cooking the cauliflower and grate it. You will get a kind of crunchy cauliflower “semolina”, which will work just as well in a salad.
Another tip, if you really don’t like cauliflower, or apples (it happens), take inspiration from this recipe but use other plants. For example, it can become an endive-pear salad.

Let’s move on to the dish: a Morteau sausage and sweet potatoes. Here, again, we have chosen an easy recipe, which does not require any particular technique or cooking. The potatoes are cut in half, drizzled with oil, then roasted in the oven, while the sausage is boiled in water. You don’t even need to watch while it cooks. Isn’t life beautiful?

We finish with the dessert, which as we promised, is as simple as it is delicious. It is indeed a cake with pecan nuts and spices. The only particularity of the recipe is that the walnuts are placed at the bottom of the mold with a little brown sugar and butter, before pouring the batter over them. After baking, turn the cake over and get a nice caramelized crust. Tip to remember.

Enjoy your lunch !

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