24 recipes for a poorly equipped small kitchen

Behind this single hob, which your almost non-existent worktop has, actually hides a potential for recipes that could surprise you. Because yes, the size of your kitchen should never be an obstacle to your desires. If some spaces do not necessarily invite the realization of XXL meals, there are many tips to remedy this size problem. Many recipes lend themselves perfectly to the kitchenette format, starting of course with no-cook meals. Easy to make, they require little dishes or equipment. If this option may seem less attractive when the temperatures start to drop, there are nevertheless autumn salads, or tabbouleh with seasonal vegetables. Dishes that perfectly meet the nutritional needs of our body thanks to the seasonal products they contain.

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How to cook in a small kitchen?

For the lucky ones who have an oven, the gratins could very quickly become your best friends, as they are so versatile and easy to make. The ingredients are all arranged in the same dish, before cooking. On the other hand, we avoid at all costs dishes with multiple components, whose preparation stages are diverse and numerous. For example, lasagna, shepherd’s pie or pastries with several different layers, could very quickly transform your kitchen into a construction site without tail or head.

Instead, we focus on all-in-one recipes, like the famous one pot pasta, which only requires a pan. Autumn soups and stews are also welcome. Before starting a recipe, we try each time to group the tasks, checking in advance how each ingredient is prepared. For example, if you can cut all the vegetables at the same time, it will avoid cluttering the work plan. Why not even buy pre-cut vegetables to save even more space (and time).
For lovers of world cuisine, many recipes such as curries or tajines are characterized by long cooking, all in one and the same pan. Chakchouka is also an all-in-one dish, in which the ingredients (egg, crushed tomato and spices) simmer together, covered, in a large skillet. A vegetarian dish, rich in protein, which can even be garnished with ground beef, or sausages. Finally, for dessert, you don’t need to look any further than the iconic mug cakes to end in style. Only a cup and a microwave will be needed, not bad, right?

Ready to put on your apron? Here are 24 recipes that will fit into even the smallest of kitchens.

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