15 quick and easy recipes for Sunday (1/16)

During restful Sundays during which we do not receive family or friends, we rather feel the desire not to spend hours in the kitchen. By savoring a good meal that changes a little from the ordinary all the same! Does this seem difficult to you? However, it really isn’t. We offer you 15 recipe ideas. Seafood, such as St. Jacques shells, change from the gourmet pleasures of the week. the duck breast with figs and honey is also a perfect dish for a Sunday. It will be ready in just 30 minutes. A fried broad beans, mushrooms and grilled bacon or one easy simmered lentils with spicy tomato will be delicious. To save time, both in preparation and in cooking, robots are real allies. Prepare a easy chicken curry with Cookeo® in 15 minutes, a easy couscous with Cookeo® or one lamb tagine with apricots and prunes with Cookeo® in 30 minutes. the rCookeo Special Express Roast Beef® will be ready in just 15 minutes. Accompanied by potatoes, it is an ideal dish for a Sunday. Just as the roast pork with mustard, honey and rosemary sauce, ultra tender with Cookeo®. If the traditional cooking of this dish is long (about 1 hour), it is possible to divide it by two thanks to the robot. We also offer you the recipe for a Quick light pumpkin parmentier with ground beef and the one at quick and delicious broccoli fritters to accompany meat or fish. Moreover, if you wish to savor fish, a papillote of salmon with fennel or one steamed cod and carrots with Thermomix® will satisfy you. We end on a sweet note with a light and fast black forest in a verrine or a youultra fast vanilla chocolate arte.

Discover without delay our 15 quick and easy recipes for Sunday.

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