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How would you react if Fido or Rex found themselves stuffed and roasted for Christmas? This is what PETA is asking for through shocking posters, installed in Bordeaux, Lille and Strasbourg during this holiday season. The campaign shows a dog collar on a plate, among leftovers from a New Year’s Eve meal. His slogan : ” You wouldn’t eat your dog, so why eat a turkey? », aims to give food for thought ahead of the end-of-year celebrations.

It’s so easy to show compassion for all sentient beings this Christmas time, choosing to enjoy a delicious vegan meal instead of a corpse. The poster encourages consumers to make the connection between the meat roasted on their plate and the animal from which it comes.

All animals deserve our compassion

Remember that turkeys and all other animals killed to end up as meals have the same capacity to feel suffering as the dogs that share our homes. Like them, they hold on to their lives and are just as terrified as “Rex” would be when they are taken to the slaughterhouse, hung upside down and have their throats cut.

In the wild, turkeys are protective and caring parents, love to explore, climb trees, and live nearly 10 years; but those raised for food are usually killed when they are only 12 to 15 weeks old. They end their short life in the slaughterhouse in atrocious conditions which would be completely illegal in France if they were subjected to a dog: they are hung on metal hooks then gassed, or immersed in an electrified bath to stun them , but they are often still conscious when their throat is cut.

Share the magic of a vegan Christmas on the networks: join the challenge!

This holiday season, we ask people to extend their Christmas compassion to all animals by not consuming none. This year, choose to have a really happy New Year’s Eve for everyone by eating vegan and get the freeGuide for the budding vegan » and a free, illustrated holiday recipe booklet.

If you would like to participate in this awareness campaign, take a picture of your dog (or another animal that shares your household) with the text “You wouldn’t eat me, so why eat a turkey?” #MonNoelVegan” and post it on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with the hashtag #MonNoelVegan by identifying @peta_france.

Turkeys are intelligent beings with personalities of their own and the ability to feel joy, fear and pain, just like our canine friends – let’s keep them off our plates.

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