WoW Tasty Baby Bird Treat: Where can I find this recipe, and what is it for?

During your exploration of the Dragon Islands in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, it is likely that you are looking for certain recipes or formulas that are not necessarily obvious to find, and whose usefulness is not necessarily very clear. One of them is a cooking recipe named Tasty baby bird treatin Thaldraszus, which we help you to find in the blink of an eye!

Where can I find the recipe for Tasty Baby Bird Treat in Dragonflight?

If you are looking to be able to create Tasty baby bird treats, you probably already know that you need to get your hands on a Kitchen recipe for this. Fortunately for you, it is really very easy to access, you simply passed by as it was camouflaged in the landscape!

The Recipe: Savory Baby Bird Treat is actually at Valdrakkenin Thaldraszusin the district of Nursery “Small scales”. To get there quickly, go to contact details 11.39, 57.87. On site, you will see small sleeping dragons in a building. Enter, and behind the bookcase directly to your right you should find a Barrel of confiscated candy (coordinates 9.60, 56.37). Open it, and now you have the Recipe: Savory Baby Bird Treat !

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Usefulness of Tasty Baby Bird Treat in WoW

To learn the Recipe: Savory Baby Bird Treat, you do not need more than 1 skill in Cooking. Similarly, the components required for its creation are really not very complex to assemble:

  • 10x looks like meat (on all beasts in the Dragon Islands)
  • 3x basil eggs (farmable especially on the Basilisks of Bourbegueule of the Shores of Awakening, coordinates 23.8, 94.2)
  • 2x Ballotins of pastries (purchasable from Crafting or Cooking Supplies vendors, Erugosa in Valdrakken for example)
  • 1x Cocoa powder from Thaldraszus (purchasable from Crafting or Cooking Supplies vendors, Erugosa in Valdrakken for example)
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Sooner or later (and again) you will need a copy of Tasty Baby Bird Treat for the simple reason that the quest Dryad’s Remedy offered by Thalendra at Valdrakken (coordinates 72.79, 66.15) requires one. To succeed, you must indeed create (or buy) a Tasty baby bird treat and give it to discouraged duckling by interacting with him coordinates 66.53, 58.48.

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World of Warcraft

After that, all you have to do is go back to Thalendra to the coordinates 72.79, 66.15 to complete your quest. Subsequently, the Tasty baby bird treats won’t do you any good overall, except to give you a small bonus for 5 minutes that causes a small dragonet to appear on your shoulder. It then performs a small animation before falling asleep under your shoulder pad (or on your shoulder if you don’t have one).

In practice, the object is useless. It’s just cute, that’s it!


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