Mom, we just had Labor Day!

– Must plan in advance my daughter.

This year, my Crone waited until October to ask the fatal question. And since then, she has been organizing the festivities.

— I saw a great recipe for turkey!

– Oh no!

“Nobody’s going to stop me from making a Christmas turkey, my little girl!”

– Call the DPJ of the old!

“Yeah, but it seems…

“So good, I know. Make YOUR own turkey recipe OK? That’s the one we love.

My old lady has a knack for finding recipes in various publications and sets out to make them.

Preferably for a special occasion…

Get ready to fight in the kitchen! It’s the show’s finale The Chiefs on her own! Are we going to experience this on December 24? Thank you, no!


She’s going to cook her turkey, the way we’ve always loved it.

Feverish as a child, she would set her table a week in advance if we didn’t hold her back.

Set-up, decor, accessories, lighting, that’s his department. No question of depriving her of the pleasure of digging up all sorts of trinkets while shopping for a Dollar.

His happiness ? Achieving wonders with next to nothing. A tradition that comes from my grandmother Filiatrault, who performed miracles with “a slap and a boot”, as they say.

Everyone had their little surprise.

Basically, Christmas undoubtedly belongs to this child of wonder, taking refuge in ourselves.

Whether we celebrate Christmas or not

Our Gregorian calendar will take us mostly to the West, to January 1, 2023.

A calendar established in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. It’s old !

Beyond our religious, political and social affiliations, I wish you light and peace at the end of the year 2022. I will come back to you in January, hoping that you will be happy and healthy.

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