This recipe for making perfect waffles in 5 minutes will change your life!

It’s Sunday morning, 9 a.m. We get up with a mad desire to eat a full and gourmet breakfast for once. If every morning, you only swallow a coffee before going to take the metro, the weekend allows you to have fun. And for that, there is nothing better than having a real breakfast the way you like them. This morning, we dream of waffles with spread with a good fruit salad. The problem ? If you want to have fun, you don’t have the patience or even the motivation to make waffle dough. Ok, it’s not that long, but anyway, there’s no milk, no eggs and even less flour in our cupboards: it’s empty.

Fortunately, after taking a little tour on TikTok, we have the solution to this problem. A gourmet recipe, made in 5 minutes and with only two ingredients : it’s hard to believe and yet, we have indeed found the rare pearl in terms of recipe. With this preparation, your waffle maker will experience a second life. Because we have to admit it: we are often obsessed with the idea of ​​having a waffle iron, but once we are there, we rarely use it. With this recipe, believe us, you will take it out and use it very regularlyfor sure !

For those who are not comfortable in the kitchen, we have found the simplest recipe in the world: with this preparation, making waffles has never been so quick and easy.

It’s the TikTokeuse @gigi.berthy who revealed his trick for making waffles in 5 minutes flat. For this, you will need two ingredients: brioche and spread. Indeed, you just have to make yourself a chocolate sandwich, but instead of eating it, you heat it within a few minutes in the waffle iron and voila!

The advantage of the recipe in addition to being simple, you can adapt it to your liking. It is possible to add bananas, squares of chocolate, caramel: in short, there are a thousand and one versions available to you. And for your brunches, nothing better thanopt for a salty version swapping the brioche for sandwich bread.

You should know that we tested the chocolate version just this weekend and we totally validated it ! We advise you to try this waffle alternative!

@gigi.berthy Episode 2 | the nutella/waffle brioche an express snack recipe with only 2 ingredients! It barely takes 5 min and it’s so good you’ll love it!!! So it deserves what note this version? Better placement than the croissant??? Tomorrow I offer you a salty version #recipe#Brioche#to taste#gouterrapid#dessert#Nutella#waffle Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

And there is another method to make waffles quickly, using puff pastry: a delicious recipe, we assure you.

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