This lunar video of Madonna inhaling poppers on Tiktok causes amazement

The singer participated in the live of the American content creator Terri Joe. In full live, she began to snort the contents of a small bottle, leaving her host stunned.

Madonna continues provocations on social networks. With great blows of strange videos, haunting dances and failed playbacks, the 64-year-old singer likes to make her audience uncomfortable in the face of her total let go. On Friday October 28, she was the guest of American content creator Terri Joe, who works mainly on Tiktok, for a live full of twists and turns. Indeed, after a few minutes in front of the camera, the interpreter of Like a Virgin, took a bottle resembling poppers and began to inhale its contents. “Did you just take some poppers,” Terri Joe asked her, totally amazed, before bursting out laughing. “Woh, I’ve never done this before,” Madonna replied, in a state of apparent euphoria.

Taking a giggle, then a moment of intense relaxation, Madonna almost worried her host who asked her if everything was fine. “I’m a good Christian,” she replied (ironically?), before rolling her eyes. If the latter did not clearly claim to have been in possession of a bottle of poppers (vasodilator used by the medical profession, causing second states when inhaled, editor’s note), fans already seem to be making up their minds. “I can’t believe I saw Madonna taking poppers live on TikTok,” one Twitter user wrote. “I can’t get over seeing what I saw,” adds another. And yet another: “How long have I slept??”.

In video, Madonna publishes a touching video for the 26th birthday of her daughter Lourdes

Madonna posted several photos on Instagram on Friday, October 28. Screenshot

Madonna also posted, the day after this video, several photos of her in story. We see her belted in a golden corset revealing her bare chest. Follower of the topless, these two images were nevertheless much less surprising.

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