Special Shrove Tuesday and its traditions with Jacquotte and Julien Darces from the Auberge des Granges du Liège

Julien Darces, restaurateur at the Granges du Liège in Merey Sous Montrond is a living encyclopedia when it comes to talking about the popular and culinary traditions of yesteryear. Shrove Tuesday is one of them. This religious festival is marked by the manufacture of donuts but also pancakes which is less known. But do you know why these two dishes mark the Mardi Gras tradition? Our guest explains everything in this replay.

It is also an opportunity to give cool ideas for carnival donut recipes with the listeners of France Bleu Besançon. Some put cream in it, others lard, you can use rum, orange blossom or even kirsch as a flavor! It is this ingredient that Jacquotte uses in her dough and in the delicious donuts that she cooks according to her mother’s recipe. This generous and sympathetic memory of the Comtoise tradition came to tell us about the carnivals of yesteryear where dressing up as a child was frowned upon by religious institutions!

Côté Saveurs celebrates traditions and remains as gourmet as ever with all our guests and listeners from France Bleu Besançon in this replay to be consumed without moderation!

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