Recipes to make in December

Seasonal products

December is an in-between. Autumn is still here, but as of December 1st, we are already looking at winter soups, noting that the last season has arrived. However, it is indeed on December 21, at the time of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, that the season will be officially launched! But in baskets – and wardrobes – it’s a different story! Autumn and winter products therefore come together this month, depending on the prematurity of some and the longevity of others. If the butternut squash, the pumpkin, and all the cucurbits remain in the lap of fresh products for many more months (always kept in a dry place and in the shade); cabbages of all kinds (green, flower, Brussels, kale); spinach ; chicory; potatoes ; Sweet potatoes ; leeks; turnips; carrots; parsnip; beets, keep them company on the plate.

Citrus Glory

This month, we also celebrate the long-awaited return of divine citrus fruits. We love them for their bright colors; their frank and tangy taste; but also and above all for their richness in vitamin C. As a reminder, it is this small, fragile and volatile vitamin, which strengthens our immune system; helps resist the evils of winter; helps to better manage stress; and helps us fight fatigue, among other benefits. Depending on the profiles (athlete, pregnancy or breastfeeding, etc.) the recommended amount of vitamin C is not the same for everyone, knowing that the recommendation set out by the nutritional references for the population (RNP) for each man or woman is 110mg/day. If citrus fruits remain a timeless food rich in vitamin C, they are not the only ones! Parsley, broccoli, kiwi, pineapple, spinach, are also well provided.

Comforting flavors

If Christmas is at the doorstep, so close but still so far away, out of the question to make grimace soup on the plate throughout December while waiting impatiently for the 25th! Every day should be a kitchen party. No need to go for expensive products or exceptional pieces to treat yourself, the idea is to prepare dishes that are good and put a smile on your face. For example, the cordons bleus, regressive as you wish, are part of the inexpensive family dishes that bring together gourmets. The meatballs too, easy to prepare, cook, and decline according to the meats, sauces, and accompaniments. They too have been proven for a long time. While waiting for winter, we trust the autumn gratins which are also family recipes that appeal to young and old alike. Cheese ; spices ; cream; cakes, this month, more than ever, gluttony is at the rendezvous.

Christmas in sight

Could we really talk about December without mentioning the key holiday of the month: Christmas? Between the gourmet Advent calendars that make gourmets wait; the iconic gingerbread house that puts sparkles in children’s eyes; or Christmas shortbread to prepare in advance, and which last a long time, well coiled in a tin, everything is good for waiting while enjoying.

Also, don’t forget to choose your Yule log 2022 if you prefer to trust the professionals, there are still some very nice creations this year.

Without further ado, here are 30 recipes to cook in December.

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