How to prepare a winter dish in no more than 20 minutes

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

If the hours seem to pass like minutes in our overloaded daily newspapers, we know that the “kitchen” box is the one that most easily pays the bill (like that of sport, by the way). Home delivery, quick-to-cook pasta dishes, pizza from the corner of the street, the options for not going to the kitchen or devoting as little time as possible to this activity are legion. And often, in winter, between the cold, the decreasing luminosity, and the ambient gloom, you have to have a will of steel to get into the kitchen, especially when our cozy sofa covered with cuddly blankets is making eyes at us. However, especially in winter, eating well is essential! We push open doors, we know it, but we like to play parrots. Between the diseases of winter and the lack of sun, hence a vitamin D deficiency, it is out of the question to skip seasonal fruits and vegetables which are good for our morale and our body, and allow us to fight more effectively against viruses lying around.

Anticipation is the key

Fans of batch cooking know that preparing cereals, legumes and vegetables in advance saves considerable time during the week during assembly. Rice of all kinds; semolina with spices; gourmet and polymorphic chickpeas (hummus, salad, stews, etc.), many ingredients can thus be prepared upstream.

That being said, if batch cooking is really not for us, and we don’t have time to anticipate either, other solutions exist (fortunately). The key is to always have ready-made products in your cupboards: sardines, canned tuna, mackerel, cooked legumes, ham, artichoke or palm hearts, vegetable pancakes, etc. Thus, these ingredients need nothing or very little to make a recipe. Same thing with fresh fish or seafood which requires little cooking time before being served.

Pies, gratins, quiches are all good

When the temperatures are low, there are no surprises, we like comfort food. Good news, pies, savory quiches, and winter gratins are the ideal option. We put everything in the same bowl and let the oven do its job. Whether you prefer a winter vegetarian dish, fish, or meat, everything is possible with these family dishes that appeal to all ages.

Also, don’t forget that the oven is a great ally. Often, all you have to do is prepare the ingredients beforehand, and all you have to do is wait for the whole thing to brown, brown, roast, unlike the fires that you must not completely take your eyes off.

In this selection of recipes, there is something for everyone: meat, fish, cheese, meatballs, kebabs, eggs, salads, pies, pasta, and many more. And above all, remember, if you are missing one or the other ingredient to make a recipe, it does not matter, sometimes you have to detach yourself from the recipe to adapt according to your cupboards. The kitchen should remain a moment of pleasure, not stress, so relax!

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