How to offer more eco-responsible gifts?

A text by Lina Heckenast

The holiday season is fast approaching! Some would even say that it has already arrived with the shopping event that is the Black-Fridayor Black Friday in Canada.

Many people take advantage of this beginning of the season to go in search of gifts for their loved ones.

If so, have you ever wondered how to make your gifts more eco-friendly?

Don’t worry, MAJ is here for you!

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Buy better and less

The magic of the holidays can make you want to show enormous generosity and offer lots of gifts to everyone. The fact remains that buying a lot of gifts is not the most ecological practice.

Instead, you can think about giving fewer gifts, but giving ones that will have special meaning for the person who receives them. For example, you can think of good times you have had together or the interests of this person.

Does your best friend tripe on K-pop? Why not give him a poster or a vinyl record of his favorite band?

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Make your own gifts

There is nothing more precious than a handmade gift. »

A quote from All mothers, since the dawn of time

You don’t need to be a great painter or an experienced carpenter to give a gift that is the fruit of your work. No need to make macaroni necklaces for your parents either!

Homemade gifts can range from art to food, from a personalized scrapbook to a story you wrote. The only limit is your imagination!

Psst! You can find lots of DIY ideas and recipes on the Zone Jeunesse de Radio-Canada website. (New window)!

The advantage of giving handmade gifts is that you will have eliminated some of the pollutants, such as those from manufacturing and transport.

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