Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 recipes, armor and rewards

The Destiny 2 Dawn The event has returned, offering all the snowballs and cookies Guardians could want. However, if you’re new to the game, understand that The Dawning is a Destiny 2 tradition of merriment and joy. Led by “Space Grandma” Eva Levante, the event involves collecting unique materials and recipes, baking cookies in Eva’s oven, and gifting them to Guardian allies across Sol. .

If you want to learn more about Dawning in one of the best free PC games, we’ve got you covered with our guide covering everything from rewards to cookie recipes.

Destiny 2 Dawning Overview, Event Dates, Rewards

Destiny 2 Dawning started with the weekly reset on December 13 and will last for three weeks, ending on January 2, 2023. This gives players plenty of time to gather materials, bake cookies, and give them to various players in the game’s narrative Destiny 2. .

Players can earn an awesome set of armor ornaments and several specialized Ghost Shells. They’ll also have a chance to win this year’s Dawning weapon, the Stay Frosty PR7 Legendary Pulse Rifle. Players can also pick up old Dawning weapons, including:

  • Avalanche Legendary Machine Gun
  • Glacioclasm Legendary Fusion Rifle
  • Cold Front Legendary Submachine Gun
  • Zephyr Legendary Sword

Delivering baked goods will also sometimes award A Gift in Return boxes, which players can optionally focus on rewards of their choosing. You can also use Legendary Shards to purchase several gifts from the dawning past.

Players can also throw snowballs throughout the event and will find piles of snowballs throughout the in-game activities. Some of the challenges in the event will involve defeating opponents with snowballs, so use them to your advantage.

Destiny 2 Dawning Event Card and Rewards

This year’s Dawning event now grants players access to an upgraded event card, which costs 1,000 silver ($10 or £8). The upgraded event card will immediately grant players access to the Alpine Skiing Exotic Emote, Forward Erebus Sparrow Exotic, and Noble Rime Legendary Shader. Event Map Challenges will earn Tickets that will also unlock the following:

  • Mountainside Exotic Ghost Shell (7 tickets)
  • Action Figure Showdown Legendary emote (5 tickets)
  • Gift Pile Entrance Transmat Effect (3 Tickets)
  • Screening Warm Hat Ghost (1 ticket)

Destiny 2 Dawning Event Quest Steps

To kick off your Dawning experience, start by visiting Eva Levante in the Tower. She’ll grant you The Dawning quest, asking you to prepare a Holiday Gift. She will also give you Eva’s Holiday Oven, which lets you mix and match ingredients. You will also now be able to collect Dawning Spirit, used to purchase upgrades from Eva throughout the event.

Note that all event and triumph map challenges remain hidden until you complete Eva’s quest.

Collect these ingredients by completing activities. Specific ingredients mostly come from particular enemies or activities. For example, Vex Milk will most often drop from Vex kills.

Along the way, players will also unlock recipes. Eva first asks players to craft the Gjallardoodles, so after completing activities to earn the required ingredients, click on Eva’s Oven in the Director’s Quests menu, to combine the ingredients. You will then have Gjallardoodles in your inventory. Return to the tower to give them to Zavala as instructed.

By doing this you can redeem your first event map challenge and unlock the rest of the challenges.

You will then return to Eva, who will reward you with Dawning Spirit and offer a variety of Dawning Spirit upgrades to increase the amount of spirit you can collect or focus your rewards. She will also have bounties available, which award various ingredients.

You will also now have the Cookie Delivery Help quest, which lists the ingredient combinations for each vendor. However, you may want to track the order or cookie rewards in the support quest, as this will help you maximize the use of your hardware.

Destiny 2 Dawning guide: cookie recipes, rewards and more: A Guardian shows off a Dawning-themed sparrow.

Challenges and triumphs of the nascent event

For quick reference, the Dawning event challenges are as follows:

  • Adept Baker – Bake each of the cookies in the Dawn Oven (6)
  • Hobby Baker – Bake each of the cookies in the Dawn Oven (13)
  • Expert Baker – Bake each of the cookies in the Dawn Oven (20)
  • Shopping Spree – Buy all 12 Dawning upgrades from Eva with Dawning Spirit (12)
  • Snowball Dares – Defeat fighters with snowballs in Dares of Eternity (100 final blows)
  • Snowball Ops – Defeat fighters with snowballs in the Vanguard Ops playlist (100 final blows)
  • Thundersnow – Defeat fighters or guardians with Arc weapons or abilities (%bar)
  • Melting Snow – Defeat fighters or guardians with weapons or solar abilities (%bar)
  • Deep Freeze – Defeat fighters or guardians with Stasis weapons or abilities (%bar)
  • They Call It Snow – Defeat fighters or guardians with Void weapons or abilities (% bar)
  • Vanguard Eternity – Complete Vanguard Ops or Dares of Eternity activities.
  • Competitive Spirit – Complete Crucible or Gambit matches (% bar)
  • With Light Comes Dawn-ing – Complete Activities in the Throne of Savathun World (% bar)
  • Nightmare Seraph Before Dawning – Complete Nightmare
  • Contaminants or Heist Battlegrounds (% bar)
  • Bake-Stravaganza – Bake cookies in the Dawn Oven (50)
  • Star Baker – Earn Seal of Dawn 2022

The Dawning Triumph Seal requires a few additional challenges. Completing all of the event challenges will grant players the Star Baker designation. These challenges are:

  • Frozen Doom – Defeat fighters with snowballs (% bar)
  • Joyful Spirit – Spend Dawn Spirit (500)
  • Reason for the Season – Give Dawning gifts to vendors (100 cookies delivered)
  • Cheerful Destruction – Defeat fighters with Dawning Weapons (2000)

Dawning-specific tasks also count towards the game’s Moments of Triumph Seal and grant rewards, including:

  • Moments of Triumph Emblem Token (Bungie Store Reward)
  • Moments of Triumph T-Shirt Token (Bungie Store Reward)
  • Stories We Remember Emblem
  • Commemorative emblem
  • Gallant Guard Carapace
  • Fiery Slippery Sparrow

Destiny 2 Dawning guide: cookie recipes, rewards and more: Guardians show off their Dawning armor ornaments.

Destiny 2 Dawning Cookie Recipes

As it can be a pain to research the ingredients required for each vendor delivery, we’ve listed them here for quick reference:

  • Gjallardoodles (Zavala) – Ether Cane (1), Delicious Explosion (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Vanilla Blades (Lord Shaxx) – Cabal Oil (1), Sharp Flavor (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Traveler Donut Holes (Ikora Rey) – Cabal Oil (1), Bolt of Inspiration (1), Essence of Dawn (15)
  • Chocolate Cookie (Amanda Holiday) – Cabala Oil (1), Null Taste (1), Essence of Dawn (15)
  • Candy Dead Ghosts (Spider) – Cane of Dark Aether (1), Flash of Inspiration (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Telemetry Tapioca (Banshee-44) – Vex Milk (1), Bullet Spray (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Bad Fortune Cookies (Petra Venj) – Dark Aether Cane (1), Impossible Heat (1), Essence of Dawn (15)
  • Eliksni Birdseed (Hawthorne’s Falcon) – Ether Cane (1), Personal Touch (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Strange Cookies (Xur) – Taken Butter (1), Electric Flavor (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Gentleman’s Shortbread (Devrim Kay) – Ether Cane (1), Perfect Taste (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies (Saint-14) – Vex Milk (1), Personal Touch (1), Essence of Dawn (15)
  • Infinite Forest Cake (failsafe) – Vex Milk (1), Impossible Heat (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Hot Crossfire Buns (Ada-1) – Ether Cane (1), Balanced Flavors (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Rising Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Eris Morn) – Chitline Powder (1), Finishing Touch (1), Essence of Dawn (15)
  • Lucent Crunch (Fynch) – Chitlin Powder (1), Perfect Taste (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Etheric Chills (Variks) – Powder of Chitlin (1), Electric Flavor (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Blueberry Crumblers (Shaw) – Ether Cane (1), Bullet Spray (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Bittersweet Biscotti (Raven) – Dark Aether Cane (1), Balanced Flavors (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Shining Snowballs (Tess) – Powder of Chitlin (1), Multifaceted Flavors (1), Essence of Dawning (15)
  • Classic Butter Cookies (Eva) – Taken Butter (1), Superb Texture (1), Essence of Dawn (15)
  • Starwort Thins (Exo Stranger) – Dark Aether Cane (1), Dark Glaze (1), Essence of Dawning (15)

Delivering each of the ingredients will grant a reward from the vendor. Note that once you’ve baked all the cookies at least once, you can upgrade Eva’s Oven to Masterpiece for increased rewards.

Destiny 2 Dawning guide: Cookie recipes, rewards and more: A Guardian shows off a snowball.

That’s all you need to know about Destiny 2’s Dawning event. If you’re returning to the game after a break, check out what’s new in our Destiny 2 season 19 guide and find out what’s to come with the Destiny expansion 2 Lightfall in our favorite space game.

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