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The cordons bleus just have to watch out! Carrefour unveils its recipe for buns to try urgently to delight street food fans!

At the end of the year, gourmets have not finished enjoying it with Carrefour. Discover a delicious recipe to delight everyone at the table. And what’s more, it costs next to nothing!

End the year in style with Carrefour

After a successful Christmas thanks to the brand, Carrefour is continuing its momentum. No question indeed a few hours from New Year to release the effort. So, to celebrate the end of the year in style, the brand decided to hit hard.

As with this ideal dress for New Year’s Eve for less than 10 euros. A piece that is unanimous and which for a small price will earn you to be sublime for the last evening of 2022.

And that’s not all ! To make you look beautiful from head to toe, Carrefour unveils its device for getting a complete manicure. Real pro equipment sold at the affordable price of 32.95 euros.

Your New Year’s Eve should therefore go well. Just like your day after party intended to recover from the excesses of the day before. To put you in cozy mode for New Year’s Day, Carrefour invites you to slip into these super soft pajamas, ideal for chilling at home.

Why not also pamper yourself with a good hot drink to savor this first day of the year 2023? Warm under your duvet, take the time to recover from your crazy night!

If during the day, you have a little peckish, take advantage of having time to embark on a new culinary challenge. Indeed, Carrefour has just unveiled this Thursday, December 29 on Instagram a recipe that will delight all stomachs. We tell you more…

An easy recipe that whets the appetite

These Bun’s bolo will surprise you in more ways than one. Very simple to make, they will also delight light budgets. Follow this step-by-step recipe to enjoy.

To succeed with these filled rolls, start by coming to Carrefour to do some shopping. You will need, among other things, pizza dough, a jar of first-price Bolognese sauce, grated cheddar cheese and fresh peppers.

Next, fry the sliced ​​peppers in a drizzle of olive oil. Add the bolognese sauce and a glass of water. Then, simmer for 10 minutes before adding the cheddar.

During this time, roll out your pizza dough and cut it into quarters. Place the preparation in the center of the portions and close the ends to form sort of balls.

A treat for less than 2 euros per person

Place your buns in the oven and let them cook at a temperature of 180°C for 10 minutes. Wait a bit for them to cool before serving them. To make them even more appetizing, you can sprinkle them with sesame or poppy seeds.

Delicious as an accompaniment to a green salad, they will also make a delicious snacks to take to the office for the lunch break. Not to mention that this street food inspired recipe will cost you next to nothing.

According to Carrefour’s calculations, this should cost you less than 2 euros per person. What a delicious way to start the new year! And you, are you ready to start preparing these hungry buns?

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