Astro: what is a lunar eclipse and what does it mean?

Published on October 17, 2022 at 6:18 p.m.

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Every year, it’s the same old story: lunar eclipses follow one another and you still don’t know what they mean?

“But what is a lunar eclipse, name of a Mercury retrograde? If you’re scrolling through the networks more than you should and count more astrology videos in your suggestions than you care to admit, this question is probably already on your mind. We tell you everything about this recurring phenomenon and above all, what it means for us, according to astrology.

Lunar eclipse: the starter pack

Where solar eclipses are rare (especially if they are total), lunar eclipses are very common. This happens during two lunar phases: the New Moon and the Full Moon. In the first case, it does not change anything visually, since the satellite looks absent. During the Full Moon, the phenomenon is much more visible, of course. How does this happen? A little astronomy lesson. An eclipse occurs when the Moon is at either end of its orbit around the Earth (also called the Lunar Nodes in astrology). The Earth then shadows the Moon, causing an eclipse.

For example: currently, one of the two points called Lunar Nodes, the South Node, is in Scorpio. Many lunar eclipses are therefore to be expected in October and November. But since the Lunar Nodes work in pairs, the North Node in Taurus indicates that a series of eclipses will take place next spring. In astrology, we call “eclipse season” these two times of the year when the lunar eclipses follow one another. What does this mean in astrology? A commotion of emotions and serious questioning.

“Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and 180° turns

Lunar sign, Lunar nodes, Black Moon: in astrology, everything related to the Moon evokes our emotions, our inner world. Like Bonnie Tyler in “Total Eclipse of The Heart,” you might feel a bit lost during a lunar eclipse. According to astrology, at least. Astrologer Aliza Kelly explains in an article in The Cut: “During eclipses, the luminaries (read: Sun and Moon) are aligned with the South Node and North Node, which represent your past and future destiny respectively. . Here, it is the South Node in Scorpio which will be aligned with the moon, questioning us about our past, our family memory and our mistakes. Clearly, a lunar eclipse isn’t here to keep you wondering what to eat tonight.

“While the usual lunar cycle speaks of everyday events, eclipses cause defining events,” continues Aliza Kelly. The Californian astrologer is formal, lunar eclipses are moments of transformation. Ideal if you are undertaking therapeutic work, a professional retraining or any change of life. In any case, lunar eclipses speak of the end of a cycle and inevitably, the beginning of a new one.

And this concerns all the astrological signs, with some subtleties. If eclipses occur during Scorpio and Taurus season, as they do now, people with these signs in their horoscope will be particularly affected. Especially if it’s their sun sign, moon sign, ascendant or lunar node. You have been warned.

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