Slimming: here is the forgotten vegetable to eat today to say goodbye to your extra pounds

Although parsnips are now easily available on the stalls of our markets, it remains a little-known ingredient… and one to discover absolutely! This root vegetable has several benefits for our health, since it is rich in nutrients in vitamins (B9, C, E). It is also a source of benefits thanks to its contribution in various minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, magnesium or potassium among others. We therefore take the opportunity to eat it during the cold season to fill up with vitamins in order to restore tone to our body and fight against cardiovascular diseases. Its fiber content makes it a superfood. So why deprive yourself of it in this case?

Parsnips: what health benefits?

Perfect for preparing many gourmet recipes, this root looks like a white carrot, has a sweet flavor, but has different taste characteristics from its orange “cousin”.. Parsnips are not among the most popular vegetables when we go to our market, and yet they have many health benefits that are appealing. This root vegetable from the Apiaceae family (the same family as carrots) is quite tasty. It turns out to be a major slimming ally. Very low in calories and rich in fibre, it will stimulate your intestinal transit and consequently promote weight loss. This is a significant asset to adopt when embarking on a slimming diet.

Its high season taking place until the end of winter, the month of January is the perfect time when we love to cook it and so say goodbye to extra pounds accumulated during the holiday season. Particularly satiating and facilitating digestion and the proper functioning of the intestine, there are 1001 ways to cook it. It is eaten mashed, pan-fried, in soup, or simply boiled as an accompaniment to meat or fish, for example.

Parsnips: what other advantages?

Parsnip is not only good for the line, it is also an excellent anti-aging agent that maintains the elasticity of the skin. Its high concentration of vitamin C also makes it a unstoppable remedy against the small ailments of winter : colds, angina, seasonal depression… Not to mention his antioxidant content, which can boost memory or keep us in top shape. We run to fill up our basket!

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