Sevillian and Andalusian cuisine at Casa Flores

We go flamenco for Andalusian cuisine

Andalusian and Sevillian cuisine is rich and varied, influenced by Moorish, Jewish and Roman cultures.
It is famous for its dishes based on fish, seafood Pescaito Fritovegetables and rice.
The most famous dishes include “pescaíto frito” (fried fish), “gazpacho” (cold tomato based soup)
You can also eat paellas and tapas there, but you have to try the little cocido sandwiches the next day: pringas
The region is also famous for its wines and spirits, such as sherry and brandy (drink in moderation)

Guests: La Casa Flores

Marie Caroline and Yoann have taken over a restaurant on rue Thoumayne in Nîmes.
After creating Casa Bianca and a hiatus of almost 2 years, they are back to share their love of Andalusian and Sevillian cuisine with us.
Matured meats, charcuterie, cheese and Spanish wines, their dishes are homemade with fresh products.

La Casa Flores is also the place where many artists meet when the shows end.
During the flamenco festival, the ferias (but also the rest of the year) Marie Caroline and Yoann welcome you even late and will make a meal a moment of celebration.
They also have the generosity of those who will cook for 4 or 10!

The Casa Flores rue Thoumayne Nimes


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