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Filet mignon with cinnamon from Béatrice

For 4 people


•1 tenderloin

•1 kg of zucchini

•2 tbsp ground cinnamon

•4 tbsp raisins

• Herbs of Provence

•1 glass of white wine

•1 glass of water

•1 stock cube

• fresh mint leaves (optional)

• white rice to accompany


•Roll the filet mignon in cinnamon until well coated on all sides

•Brown the filet mignon over high heat in a large casserole dish with oil •Once it is golden brown, add the white wine, the dried grapes, the stock cube, the glass of water and the herbs from provence

• Let simmer for 45 minutes in the closed cast iron casserole dish over medium heat

• Leave to rest (even overnight if you want)

• Cut the zucchini into sticks without peeling them

•Half an hour before serving, reheat the dish in the casserole over low heat after adding the zucchini sticks. Stir occasionally

•Serve with white rice.


This dish is very easy to prepare and quite economical. It is salty/sweet and allows many variations according to your tastes. You can be generous with herbs and spices if you like dishes with strong flavors. Some add star anise (anise-flavored), fresh mint when serving. Others prefer basmati rice than white rice etc. Enjoy your meal.

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