food/wine pairings, what to drink with dim sum?

The Lunar New Year is placed under the sign of the water rabbit: household peace, communication and temperance? May be. In the meantime, some tips for savoring a traditional dish that has been bouncing around in our hearts for a few years.

The dim-sum, literally “to touch the heart” in French, come in bite-size pieces of wheat or rice dough, steamed, pan-fried, fried or topping a soup. Each region has its own recipes, even if the ravioli would find its origin in the region of Canton, before reaching the West at the rate of the Chinese diasporas. Traditionally served from breakfast until 4 p.m. in tea houses, dim sum is one of the festive dishes of the Chinese New Year, symbolizing good fortune. While dumplings have struggled to free themselves from the image of a bouiboui restaurant – particularly because of television reports in the 2000s – ravioli has not let up: many fine gastronomic addresses put it in the spotlight. Something to have fun and dare to food-wine pairings.

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Two difficulties. The first, even if we have our favorites, we often choose a variety of ravioli, with fillings ranging from shrimp to beef. The second, the sauces: soy, sweet and sour, spicy… They all have a lot of character, but shouldn’t overwhelm the wine. A brief overview of the main recipes.

What to drink with shrimp ravioli and other seafood?

A lively white with a nice tension, minerality, why not look for a saline finish at the end of the mouth to play with the iodine of the crab or shrimp. A well-controlled acidity will cut through the fat of a grilled ravioli and energize the plump texture of a steamed ravioli. We avoid opulent wines, too generous, aromas of yellow and exotic fruits. Appellations such as Chablis for its minerality or Muscadet for its straightness promise judicious pairings. A bubble will be welcome with a blanc de blanc champagne, with a chalky nose and a fresh mouthfeel, with light citrus notes.

What to drink with pork and beef ravioli?

A light red on the red fruit with crunch. We naturally think of Gamay and Pinot Noir for their suppleness and the freshness of their aromas. We avoid wines that are too tannic, which will crush the delicate flavors of the ravioli. Go for a Gamay de Touraine or Beaujolais, and why not venture into its primeurs with a well-made Beaujolais Nouveau with radiant and delicious fruit. Fluid and supple mouthfeel is preferred.

What to drink with vegetable and mushroom ravioli?

A rosé structured on opulent fruits to subtly accompany the vegetal flavors. A rosé based on Gamay de Touraine or a Bandol. For a side step, we dare a macerated Gewurztraminer to take aside the typical aromatic of the grape variety, seek the first tannins and a texture that will give the answer to the notes of undergrowth and the acidity of the vegetables.

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