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Do you lack the time and money to eat well? Quickly discover this fried rice recipe offered by Carrefour at an unbeatable price.

Are you looking to optimize your purchasing power? So, discover this recipe delivered by Carrefour to delight everyone. And what’s more, at a low price!

Good deals continue this winter at Carrefour

How about coming to Carrefour soon to boost your budget? Between skyrocketing energy bills and rising prices for things, your purchasing power has taken a hit lately.

This is why the brand has been aligning its good plans since the beginning of the year to give you a boost. In store, the most motivated who have decided to return to sport this year are particularly spoiled!

Because they can get for less than 30 euro these John Smith sneakers. An ideal pair of shoes to get back to a sporting activity. Or simply to upgrade your everyday look.

If decoration is more your passion, then Carrefour also has something new for you… Are you soon to receive family or friends at the table and you don’t know which plates to receive them with?

Well, hurry to the store to get yourself this elegant 18-piece tableware. This will enhance your exceptional or everyday meals. for less than 50 euros.

At Carrefour, there are also irresistible offers for economically fill your fridge. A priority expense for many of us, food is a budget item that is difficult to escape each month.

To optimize your purchases as well as possible, the good idea is to come to the store to find the best products at low prices. Did you know, for example, that you can treat yourself to a hearty breakfast every day for less than 2 euros?

And the money-saving tips don’t stop at the morning meal. On Instagram, also discover this Carrefour recipe to delight everyone at a minimum price…

An easy-to-make dish that everyone loves

Do you like simplicity? That turns out well ! Because at Carrefour, we also like things that go straight to the point. So, to save you wasting time in the kitchen, the brand has just unveiled his quick stir-fried rice recipe.

Ideal to make when you’re short on time, this dish also has the advantage of being economical. To realize it, you just need to buy in store some basic ingredients easy to find.

First, you will need diced ham. As well as four eggs, 500 g of basmati rice and 500 g of peas. Once you have everything in your kitchen, start by cracking the eggs and beating them in a pan.

Then add the peas. And the diced ham. Finish by pouring the already cooked rice over the preparation. Mix a few more moments and you’re done! Your recipe is ready!

All you have to do is sit down to eat. On Instagram, the reactions about this delicious recipe did not fail to make themselves known. ” I do it regularly. And everyone loves it”notes a user.

” I adore. And so easy to do”, added another. It is therefore impossible not to satisfy all stomachs with this dish which will not cost you no more than 2 euros per person. So, do you approve or not?

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