A Chinese SF Movie Is About To Do Better Than Avatar 2

A second opus against a second opus. The Wandering Earth 2 has been very hyped since its release. The film is currently exploding ratings records in China and is on its way to dethroning Avatar 2 at the box office.

On the side of the cinematographic universe, for the Lunar New Year in China, we find a feature film with a big budget which starts very strong. The title also does better at the start than Avatar 2 at the box office since it records almost 70 million dollars in revenue on its first day and even goes to 181 million dollars in admissions in just 3 days. The title of James Cameron will have needed about a month of operation to recognize the 235 million dollars in revenue.

International critics don’t seem to agree with Chinese audiences

The Wandering Earth 2 tells the story of an Earth that must search for a new solar system after the sun goes out. There are very good actors like Andy Lau from Internal Affairs and Jing Wu from Kill Zone to accompany the production of Frant Gwo who had already made the first opus the second biggest success in the history of the Chinese box office.

If the first film was very appreciated by the American press, this is not really the case for the second opus. The New York Times judges these 3 hours of badly exploited plots, themes that leave you hungry and a mixture of politically confusing sub-scripts.

On the side of Polygon magazine, the Chinese film can be summed up in a few words “3 hours of suffering”.

While waiting to watch The Wandering Earth 2, you can get your own idea of ​​the first movie which is already available on Netflix.

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