25 recipes to celebrate the Chinese New Year

From January 22 will begin the year of the Water Rabbit. On this first day of the Chinese calendar, many celebrations are organized. From the first day of the year begins the spring festival which lasts fifteen days, the last day celebrating the lantern festival. Ceremonies that are directly linked to the lunar cycle: the first day of the Spring Festival corresponding to the new moon, and the Lantern Festival, the first full moon of the year.

The many Chinese New Year festivities

During this period, many parades and festivities are organized in the cities around traditional elements such as the dragon and the lion, firecrackers are lit to ward off evil spirits, and lanterns are sent up into the sky forming a dreamlike decor.

The Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity to gather around festive dishes, with Chinese flavors. Marinated meats, plump baos, dim sum, sweet and sour flavors, rice cooked in different ways, Chinese recipes are the promise of a taste elsewhere. The proof with these recipes.

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