Special Candlemas: our 100% pancake menu

The date of Candlemas is easy to remember, since it falls on February 2 every year. On that day, we therefore have a ready-made excuse to make pancakes for afternoon tea, or concoct a complete menu based on pancakes.

Your special menu for Candlemas

As an aperitif, pancakes are available as cheese appetizers. For this, we prepare buckwheat pancakes that we cut in half before folding them in three. We thus obtain triangles of pancakes to garnish with cheese. As ideas for garnishes, we suggest camembert, hazelnuts and honey; cantal carrot confit; gorgonzola cream and pear… It’s up to you to see which combinations will appeal to you. Once filled, all you have to do is pass the patties under the grill and you’re done.
And since Candlemas is a celebration, we have also programmed a cocktail of gin, Norman cider and crème de cassis. Perfect for toasting with family or friends.

We then continue with a classic ham, egg and cheese crepe. An unbeatable classic that will please everyone. Our recipe also has a particularity since it is green! But beware, we did not use food colorings, the result is 100% natural. The trick to coloring your pancakes is to mix spinach with milk and eggs, while preparing the batter.
In addition to bringing color to the plate, it gives a light taste to the dough and makes us eat vegetables like nothing.

Comes the long-awaited moment, the highlight of your Candlemas: the sweet pancakes. We must admit that we had a hard time choosing a recipe. Between the classic sugar crêpes, the gourmet chocolate crêpes or the originality of the crêpe cake… Our sweet beak swings. Finally, we opted for a seasonal garnish with chestnut cream and poached pears. A delight.

Happy Candlemas!

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