Bugnes, waffles, filled donuts, wonders… Everything is an excuse to have fun on Mardi Gras. So, what are we eating this year? Answer with our selection of recipes for Mardi Gras!

MARDI GRAS RECIPE – Note the date, the February 21, 2023, gluttony is in the spotlight! To celebrate the carnival, and if you made Mardi gras recipes ? Good ones Brussels wafflesof the bugnes to fall even a big beach donut or some fluffy bugnes, for what will you succumb? Draw from our Mardi gras pastry recipes to please you with traditional, easy or original recipes.

Bugnes recipes for Mardi Gras

Stars of Mardi Gras recipes, bugnes are savory dusted with icing sugar. From the family of donutsthey can have this touch of Orange Blossom that we love so much. Also discover our recipes old fashioned wonders. Perfect for enjoying and celebrating this festive day as it should be.

Waffle recipes for Mardi Gras

Whether you are looking for preparations fast, simple Where originalwe offer a wide choice of delicious waffle recipes in fashion traditional or in Brussels version as in The Best Pastry Chef. At Thermomix or not, here’s how to make carnival-like (or even better) waffles. So that it crisps up and we appreciate the softness.

Donut recipes for Mardi Gras

Indispensable, the Mardi gras donuts do not make anyone indifferent. That we like it stuffed donutthe big beach donut where the small donuts with different flavors, it’s always a treat! How to make them puffy, fluffy but without being sickening nor soaked in fat? These recipes each have their particularity which makes the donuts delicious and rich in delicacies.

Pancake recipes for Mardi Gras

We never tire of crepes at the start of the year. For Candlemas and for Mardi Graslet yourself be tempted by our recipes of traditional or original pancakes but still delicious! With chocolate, sugar, pimped with different spreads or even with fruit, we love pancakes to celebrate Mardi Gras!

All the tips for celebrating Mardi Gras

To succeed in your pastries wonderfully, take a look at our Mardi gras tips. To make fluffy donutssucceed in churrosmake skip the pancakes or succeed his waffles… You will find the answers to your questions. We even explain why we celebrate mardi gras and why on this specific date.

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